The 7 Heads of The Dragon

A True Story of long ago... By Steve Larson from Roseville...California USA.

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The Effigy of the Dragon

Revelation: 12:3,9,13,17 KJV

Proverbs: 25:2 It is the Glory of God to conceal a thing: but the honour of kings is to search out a matter.


The Flower that Blooms in Adversity from the Light of the Adversary is the most Precious thorn in all; The Crystal Rose of The Heart.


The Test of the 10 horns in …The Seven Heads of The Dragon.

Proverbs: 29:9 If a wise man contendeth with a foolish man...whether he rage or laugh..''there is'' no rest.


The broken cookie; ''Wise men learn more from fools...than the fool learns from the wise man.''


Each head of the dragon is crowned in gold as a sign of mastering the balance of lukewarm in the Chakra System of Homosapien. Each Chakra is one of the 7 Lost Churches of Christ in the 7 bodies/densities of men and women.


Thus the understanding of... Satan as the Separation of the self/soul from the One God/Creator is seen in… The seven heads of the dragon in the book of Revelation as the ‘’materialization influence of matter’’ and resides in the spectrum of light as matter starting with the density red… The Red Dragon with seven heads and ten horns… lined with the free will of man… is to eat of the fruit as Knowledge/Intelligence in the ever increasing polarization of the mind/body and spirit of self in knowing and experiencing the consciousness of Good and Evil choices in the delineation of self as Adam/Alpha and Eve/Omega…the Father and the Mother God as One Intelligent being.


The Rainbow Menorah; symbolizing the 7 densities of Spirit. Shrouded in the Tree of Life…hidden beneath your feet as the roots of mind reveal/uncoil the Seven Rays of the 7 heads of the dragon as the Chakras/Churches in you. The lower, middle and upper chambers in the temple of man…is 313…symbolized as the Star of David. Starting with the Church/Chakra in the midst of man as a Crystal Rose…you will find the Church of Ephesus/the Heart Chakra green and all the colors of the rainbow emanating from the primary center focus of being in balance with all that I AM.


 Starseeds are born from the Signifying of the soul.

To Sanctify the Light from the darkness.


The Test of 10 horns… is 5 Positive/hot and 5 Negative/cold or the test of the Ten Virgins or the test of Buddha under the Bo tree or the Ten Commandments/ ''I have not''... or the test of the Ten fingers... all are showing a Significator of self balance…known in the Book of Revelation as Lukewarm…neither Cold or Hot.


I will spue thee out of my mouth as One.

Whole of the holy spirit.




 In this understanding of who we are…comes to an awakening in seeing...feeling and knowing…that we come from the Darkness of Light and the Light of Darkness…in a struggle to understand the who, why and what the hell is going on.


This is for you and all of us.


''Almost everyone on the path of consciously seeking the truth has had some kind of mystical experience that may or may not make much sense to the person. Most such experiences remain unfathomable to our conscious minds and accomplish their work in an unseen and incomprehensible fashion. Being inhabitants of this third density here on Mother Earth with the GREAT VEIL/sackcloth of hair of forgetting drawn over our ability to see and truly know…we must content ourselves with the fact that we only make the barest beginnings upon understanding in this illusion. But we may also rest assured that there are NO mistakes and that the events of our lives…whether ordinary or extraordinary…fall into the appropriate place at the appropriate space in time.''


Love' RA' Light


Our poor choices in this test of ten horns…usually reflect a lack of Love towards another or the self. And will get magnified by the negative being and bleed away our efforts to seek the light and serve others until we are able to balance the situation with Love..Acceptance..Compassion...Tolerance and the Light Aura. This is why Jehoshuah said; to RESIST NOT EVIL. To resist and fight… is to see someone or something as other than yourself… as other is to be separate from The One Creator. That is the negative path. The Positive path sees and Loves all others as yourself and the self as... The One Infinite Creator.


''We're one… but we don't wear the same mask''



''You are the Creator and is observing the Creation through your eyes in the cell of a soul as A Mind/Body/Spirit sphere/focus of the whole in the sea of Being One''





''The forgotten soul''


It was said;

In the temple of stone.


''Go ahead and kill me...''


''You can’t kill me…because I AM already dead.''


…….In the land of Egypt you will find thee…….

The left Rainbow Serpent/consciousness is in thy forehead next to the right Phoenix/fowl of Spirit.

The Consciousness of Spirit in the all seeing eye.

Indigo Ray...6th Chakra third eye is in thy forehead.


''The Concentric~Parallel lines in the head cape of (King Tutankhamun) are the Stratums of the Consciousness of Spirit in the Adept''

The bias and the unbiased of Light and Darkness ... Good and Evil in the Self.

Neither Cold or Hot.




the key


Love and Light...from the Rose.


When thine eye is single in thou forehead…you shall begin to understand…The Law of One.


Therefore the misunderstood mark of the beast is nothing more than half of who you really are.  For every biological 600606 man there is a female Spirit side in him and for every biological 600606 woman there is a male Spirit side to her.  So in this mark of the beast only half was known in your sleep.  In awakening the seeker realizes the Yin and Yang life-force in the self and sees from whence he came of the Eve/Rib/Omega of the Adam/Atom/Alpha ‘’as the beast that was and is NOT and yet is’’ …the Bridegroom or the son of man.  Lukewarm is the Key to the kingdom of Light.  He that has wisdom imbued in compassion… count the number of the beast times 2 in you!  For it is the number of the born-again soul from time to space…who came to learn and wash away their Karma/sins of the world.  And his and hers is 600606 X 2 = 1201212 …you are born in one of the 12 tribes of the Zodiac and of these 12x12 is the 144,000 sealed in thy forehead of knowledge as Knowing...knower and who I AM...


In the forgetting process... that begins at birth, one may ponder the self as once being whole in the Spirit and connected to the higher self of unity...Oneness. Yet still growing in the knowing of itself as the Creator...we return to school/earth for another class in Life.


So... it is not necessary to repress or overcome qualities in our being which seem negative and hurtful...but SEE them as potentials for achieving balance/Lukewarm. When these negative qualities are followed to their source...they can enable the seeker to take advantage of the opportunities for knowing the self... the Creator and the creation as portions of a complete unified being as One. The mind/body and spirit complex is the trinity of all creation. The Father/mind the Son/focus/sphere and the Holy/whole of Spirit as One. All 3 are 1 in 3... known in The Book of Revelation as ''The Seven Heads of The Dragon''...which are in Asia/India the 7 lost churches of Christ. Counting 3 and 4 is 313 of the 7 Chakras in you. Three above the Heart of God so 313... Service to others above or Service to self below. The Choice is yours...


...As it is...


For I am a new man that I am No longer; The Beast that was!


~The Christ consciousness is Lord ~

Counting 3 and 4 = 7


''The 7 Heads of The Dragon/ Densities of Spirit''


The greater and greater Polarization of the self as male or female in the balanced and Positive the Mastering Secret Plan of Life.


To Potentiate the Polarization of self in the Positive Adept/seeker will bring the Heavens to Earth in the sign of a Star.


''The Positive seeker must first know the self as the Creator in service to the self in Love and understanding and then in the awakening/born-again state the Positive Adept then knows the truth and will turn around from the center fire of the Father/Alpha and the Mother/Omega and Radiate that Love and Light back to everyone else in service to others. This is the true meaning of...The Sun/Son of all souls''


.......The Spiritual Mass of... The Great Central Sun.......

In all that you are ...We are One Light

...All roads lead to One...




…From within the walls…


  ''The Rats hideth in the walls of time and space…amongst the blind and awake. Sent from the cracks in the night… let it be known in the circle of plain sight, that they come for the sorrow between the Love and Light. Won by a poem…from the suffering of Rome…becometh unto thy Age of the throne. He walketh now…even from the unknown.''


Only... My Father and Mother...knoweth of my plight.


…I was known as the Rat/Thief in the night…  



We chose to forget before we are born again in the school house of Life. Why… to Potentiate the Positive Polarized Soul by the use of Catalyst from the Higher Self in an interaction with its Polar Opposite Self…


''Thus, it has been said; that ''Lucifer is the true light bringer'' in the Potentiation... as the soul grows from this catalyst of its polar opposite self and learns more and more of the distortions in knowing the self as the Creator in the test of Good and Evil choices with the understanding of balance/lukewarm in the self as all other selves/beings/things are understood in the Love and the Light with each other as being One God... in us all.''


~These are the lessons of Love~


These lessons of Love are intensified here on the Rock of Mother Earth in order to better know our Selves or the self as the Creator in the Creation of Light.


The free will choice of each soul will determine the path of the seeker as a fork in the road…to choose either a path of service to self/negative or a positive path in service to others.


From within the walls we may begin to see...the self in Love and in Love with all other selves for each other’s growth in the Spirit… as the Creator would know its self in the Creation of ONENESS…


As it is… in the most high of the Creator… all is One…


...All things are One...


Love is The Greatest of all…things…in the Creation.


…….All things were formed to unite.......


This is The Law of One.


The Law of Love




~Lukewarm; 3:15 in  ...The Book of Revelation the understanding of Just Right... Balanced~


''So then because thou art lukewarm and neither cold nor hot...I will spue thee out of my mouth''


~Sayest... my Father and Mother~


The One Creator



''To behold it all, you must be born again…for the infinity is just too overwhelming to be known in one lifetime''



''In its totality and the ''most high''... The Creator is ''Purely Positive'' and unified into One being with No distortions... No polarity and No reason for deception in knowing the self as the Infinite Creator and thus always begins and ends in a mystery from the Infinity. And so the Creator does not waver in the ''first distortion''/Free will of the Law of One as a service to all the knowing of its self on Mother Earth as Positive or Negative in... The Law of Love... the ''second distortion''/Love... that gives unto all in the free will/choice of knowing the soul/self in its own unique way of knowing its polar opposite self  in Love and thus paving the road to its greater and greater polarization... using the same Love of the One Creator in its service to both positive and negative paths. Service to self/negative or service to others/positive...yet the soul seeker must find its balance in ''confusion'' from the ''Illusion'' as lukewarm in order to better know the self, as the creator and serve the creator in its chosen polarity + or  -  path.''


''There is No right way there is No wrong way...there is only the Free will Choice of knowing the self in Love with all other selves in Love as The One Infinite Creator''


~The Law of One~


Let it be known...


All things are One.


~In the Trilogy of Man as the Mind/Body/Spirit in knowing the the Now with... the four square of Free will ~ Love ~ Awareness ~ and the Law of Confusion as the center fire of being takes place from the Primary Focus/Sphere of the Spirit in the Space of the Time in The Now. You are the Circle/Soul in the Triangle of the Square in the Octave of Creation as the Time crosses over the Space as the One Infinite Creator resides in YOU as the spectrum of Light from the Love of the free will of our Creator in knowing the self as The One God in Us all. We are One... but not the same in our unique way of knowing/being one~


.......This is The Seven Heads of The Dragon.......


Love and Light





~ The Green candle of the wind of Ephesus~








 .......Mind... Body and Spirit.......




~The Garden~



''Free will is the darkness of the Infinity and The Love is the Light from the Stars''






~Counting 3 and 4  is....... The Seven Heads of The Dragon~

~The Seven Densities of Spirit as Light~

~The Seven Candle-Sticks of Christ~

~The Light from God~




...The Son/Sun of God...


The Son/Sun of God who came to take away the sins of the world...

Through Love and Light...


~The One~


~The Father is the Free will in Awareness of the Infinity/Alpha ''Mind''. The Son is the Focus/Sphere ''Body'' of the Father as a soul and the Holy/Whole of ''Spirit'' is the Love from the Mother/Omega of the Father as ...The Trilogy of a Star is born in the Sun/son of God~


~This is The Bridegroom~


~~~~~~~THE BEING from GOD~~~~~~~


The Father /Son/ Mother









~ Fold the 3 of you into 2 and then into One~


I AM the Alpha/Father/First/Adam/Yang/Beginning/Cold/Darkness ''Intelligent Infinity'' and I AM the Omega/Mother/Last/Eve/Yin/Ending/Hot/Light ''Intelligent Energy''


''Counting 3 of yin and 4 of yang is 313 in the circle of One''


~~~Adam/Yang/Hot and Eve/Yin/Cold was the understanding of our past~~~

The Woman clothed with the Sun.


Turn it over and read its backside

Yin/Hot/Eve/Woman is the Bride of the Groom Yang/Cold/Adam/Man


The Intelligence of the Creator


Alpha/Intelligent Infinity and Omega/Intelligent Energy




The Circle of Now.




Almighty, which is to come.



~Yet the first shall be last and the last shall be first~




.......Who I AM.......


I infinitely complex being of unity/oneness...and yet is simply one of us all... 

~The One Infinite Creator resides in all minds all body's and all spirits from ''The One'' Light and Life of the world~


.......''I AM...You and You are Me and WE are here''.......


.......It's time to wake up.......


 From the RA. Material. Session 75.41 ... Oct 31 1981 book 3.  RA: I am Ra. ''Each entity is the Creator. The entity, as it becomes more and more conscious of its self, gradually comes to the turning point at which it determines to seek either in service to others... or in service to self. The seeker becomes the Adept when it has BALANCED with minimal adequacy the Chakras/energy centers red, orange, yellow and blue with the addition of green for the positive, thus moving into indigo work. The adept then begins to do ''less'' of the preliminary or outer work, having to do with ''function'' and begins to ''effect'' the inner work which has to do with ''Being''. As the adept becomes a more and More CONSCIOUSLY Crystallized entity it ''gradually'' manifests more and more of that which it always has been since before time; that is, The One Infinite Creator.''

Thus... the True Adept lives more and more ''as it is'' and as it is... all things are One. This is, The Law of One...even from the backdrop of... The seven heads of the dragon in the Bible. The light is who we are from the focus of Infinity....the focus of one Love and Light in us all. From the Rose California...the time is Now.


Elijah must first come and restore all things...

Jehava Ja

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